The Valley Pet Loss Team

Who are we?

Valley Pet Loss is the Tri-Valley’s premier pet cremation facility . It is run by people that love our pets like our own children. We’re the people that let  our pets sleep in our beds. We buy every chew toy to find the perfect one and cook human food for their special dietary needs.

We love our pets and know how strong that bond is between animals and humans.  We’ve all experienced that pain in our hearts when we lose our special friend.

The Valley Pet Loss (VPL) was founded by people with a deep love for all animals. We offer pet owners closure when the time comes to say goodbye to their pet.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help others Remember, Memorialize and Celebrate the life of their decreased Pets. The services we provide allow Families multiple options for handling the remains of deceased pets, all while providing a concierge-type environment.

We look forward to helping Pet Families and hope we can make a painful situation a little bit easier.