baking holiday cookies for your petWe hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! For the first time in ages, the weather seems to be matching the time of year! And I don’t know about you, but I’ve been firing up my slow cooker almost every morning for soups and chilis to keep my family warm and our bellies full.  And you know what that means – my oven has been free to do all my holiday cookie baking! I think this year I made 7 cookie recipes? And I’m not done yet – we can’t forget the cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning!

Now, with all these delicious smells going on in the kitchen, you better believe my dog’s nose has been working overtime. He’s constantly trying to figure out what I’m making and circling my feet trying to snag a bite! It would be adorable if I wasn’t so worried about him ingesting chocolate, nuts and way too much sugar – he’s only 11 pounds so it wouldn’t take much to disrupt his system. It’s for that reason that I’ve been looking up pet-friendly recipes to bake just for him. I mean, it is the holiday season after all – if there was ever an excuse to bake up some treats for our pets, this is it!

Below are some of our favorite recipes we found. Be sure to let us know if you try out any of them!

Dog Candy Canes from – Candy canes are a classic treat during the holidays! While these aren’t exactly like our human candy canes, something tells me your pet won’t mind!

Dog “Sugar” Cookies from – who doesn’t love sugar cookies? You can roll these out and use your favorite cookie cutters to make adorably shaped cookies just for your pet!

Dog Cinnamon Bun Bites from – These are calling my pet’s name! What better way to wake up on Christmas morning than with cinnamon rolls for my family and my dog??

Chewy Cat Treats from – I have a feeling once you give your cat one of these delicious treats, they’ll be begging you for the rest of the cookie jar!

Tuna Heart Cat Treats from – Nothing says the holidays like… tuna hearts? Hey, to each their own! And from what I’ve heard about cats and tuna, this treat is sure to knock their socks off!

Sweet Potato Balls for Birds from – Consider this your bird’s version of sweet potato casserole! Minus the marshmallows of course 🙂

Happy Holidays everyone! We hope you have a wonderful season with family, friends and of course your beloved pets!

Homemade Holiday Treats for your Pet